There is a Monster Under My Bed Who Farts

Everyone says, 'It wasn't me!' But what if it REALLY wasn't you? What if it was the monster who lives under your bed? How much trouble can one little monster cause...

From two amazing new talents comes a hilarious picture book that's guaranteed to be a runaway hit with both young and old. The funniest book since The Mole Who Knew It Was None Of His Business. Ages: 2+


There is a Monster Under My Christmas Tree Who Farts

The sequel to the hilarious There is a Monster Under My Bed Who Farts. How much trouble can one little monster cause at Christmas time?

Ages: 2+


The Pirate Who Had To Pee

From the bestselling authors of There Is a Monster Under My Bed Who Farts

Pirate Pete had to pee as he sailed across the ocean... The toilet's broken onboard Captain Bones' ship and Pirate Pete needs to pee! It's a race back to town across a vast amount of water. With the constant splashing, dripping and swirling, will Jack be able to hold on? Ages: 2+



Straight from the prehistoric era comes an ex-STINK-tion story like no other!

Life's hard when there's only one toilet and all the dinos need to go! There's a dumping pterodactyl, a plopping stegosaurus and a T. rex who can't reach to wipe ...

But when it's finally Mike's turn, could one tiny bowel movement end in disaster?

Ages: 2+ 



Fart, Fart and Away!

Most families go on holiday to get away from it all. But what if a lingering smell followed you from one country to the next?

Get your passports ready ... we're about to go around the world in 80 farts!

Ages: 2+

spew book website.jpg


In a galaxy of gastro not so far away ...

Is there life on Mars? One little spaceman is determined to find out. Only no one told him that space travel can make you queasy. Can his stomach stop lurching from side to side long enough to solve the mystery?

Ages: 3+